Design trends for 2020

With the New Year now in full swing and 2019 a distant memory – it’s time to look forward and see what 2020 could bring us.

Here are my eight key design trends for the year ahead.

Cause Led Campaigns and Projects

As consumers become both reactive and proactive when it comes to the world around us, we’re seeing a shift in focus on social and environmental issues. Brands are using this as a way to connect with their consumers. Focusing on individual events and issues to be more relatable.

Cause led design trend Cause led design trend]

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Multisensory and Motion

A well thought out motion piece allow brands to speak with a unique voice, getting points across clearly whilst keeping people engaged. Technology is the focus for most brands these days, so motion is a fast-growing trend.

Motion design trend Motion design trend


Animated Logos

As social media continues to play an important role, we’re seeing more and more clever GIFs emerge. Animating a logo is a great way to keep your brand up to date and engaging. Creating themed versions for specific events (such as Christmas) is a great way of seasonally updating your content. Google have been doing this for a long time with their topical ‘Doodles’.
Google animationSello logo animation


Line Art

A look that is clean, elegant, and unobtrusive, line art also lends itself to animation which flows through the design.

Line art design trend Line art design trend

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Vibrant Colour with Flat Patterns

Designers are using bold colour and pattern as a way to stand out from the crowd. A nod towards Swiss and Nordic design, these designs feel alive and optimistic.

Flat and bold colour pattern trend Flat and bold colour pattern

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A monochrome colour filter is widely used on photos to create striking effects.
Monochrome doesn’t have to mean black and white; we’re seeing photography used with bold limited colours as the trend above.

Monochromatic design trend Monochromatic design trend


Bold and Custom Typography

Another way to stand-out and create cut through is by creating a custom made typeface and/or bold typography. This is being seen more and more, from big brands to TV programmes.

Bold custom typography Central Saint Martins typography

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Textured Illustration

In contrast to the flat simple style mentioned above, a textured and layered illustration style is evolving. This is a good way to create more of a memorable experience.

Textured illustration design trend Textured illustration trend

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Overall there seems to be a shift away from photography in the world of modern design in favour of illustrative or graphic route as a result of technology and software becoming more advanced and widely available.

As a natural evolution, a more illustrative textured approach is also becoming increasingly popular.

In a world where things can change pretty much instantly, brands are focusing on evolving quickly with cause led reactive campaigns and interactive logos and social content.

So let’s see what 2020 brings…


Hannah Tomlinson.

Middleweight Graphic Designer