Finding talent in our home city #ROF2017

Norwich is an unexpected hub of creativity and innovation with a huge number of creative businesses making this fine city their home. In 2016, it was highlighted in a national report as ‘hosting one of the UK’s most highly-concentrated, highly-diversified, creative industry clusters’. Whether it’s brand communications, traditional or digital marketing, PR, advertising, graphic design, website development or animation, the list is endless and we have the lot!

Young people are the future of this creative workforce. They are the ones bringing new ideas, technologies and ways of working to the table – talent we would like to be meeting. That is why we headed to the Recruitment and Opportunities Fair held at the University of East Anglia with the aim to unlock a host of talent and open their eyes to opportunities in the industry right on their doorstep.

For the first time, the fair hosted a Creative Industries Hub in which we were based. This was the perfect chance for students to come a meet with the Shorthose team, explore opportunities we have for young people and for us to provide advice and tips for those looking to get into the creative industries. A big thank you to everyone who came along to meet us.

The team at Shorthose have all started their careers in different ways but each have advice which we hope will prove useful for students at any stage of their degree.

UEA - Recruitment fair
Showing off our work in the Creative Industries Hub

What advice would you give to young people wanting to get into the creative industry?

Experience, experience, experience!

“Do as many work experience placements as you can whilst studying it will be really, helpful when you finish and start looking for a job. Everyone wants to employ people with experience and it’s hard to get once you are finished, especially when you need to earn money,” Jessica Luongo, Senior Graphic Designer.

“Experience is valuable. Whether it’s writing your own blog, work experience placements or volunteering for the student paper, all not only looks good on your cv but shows your passion and interest in the industry,” Daniella Carter, PR Account Executive.

“Volunteer with online publications or student papers for experience writing, proof reading, with CMS, and using social media for business. Technical and analytical skills are seriously valued for Digital Marketing,” Maddie Russell, Digital Account Manager.

Talk to those in the industry

“Talk to people who are already doing it, connect with them and if you ask nicely they will happily give up their time to offer advice. Ask the questions in your head – not just the ones you have rehearsed and really pick their brains!” Mark Sowersby, Head of PR and Communications.

Stand out from the crowd

“Find your niche. Hone what you’re really good at and make it a specialism. Whilst it will always be important to have broad marketing knowledge and skillsets, particularly in the digital era, do what you can to stand out from the crowd,” Nathan Wadlow, Account Director.

Think creatively

“Consume all media. Take notice of ads/ magazines/ social media – think about what works and what doesn’t. Have an opinion – what are other people doing that you like and why. Being able to think creatively is what is at the heart of our industry,” Hayley Dobson, Account Director.

Wow us!

“Show your personality! I want young people to engage me and show me they can talk to new people with ease. PR is all about relationship building and agency life is all about speaking to different clients in all areas of business. Writing skills and creativity is a huge part of the job, wow me with your cover letter –  just like you would with a journalist,”- Sophie Polak, PR Account Manager.


Sophie Polak.

PR Account Manager