Four reasons why you need UGC

I wrote about UGC (user generated content) back in January highlighting it as a key content trend to look out for in 2016. Having recently returned from the annual Brighton SEO conference, it has further emphasised to me its absolute importance when it comes to content marketing and social media campaigns.

Here are four reasons you need UGC:

1. Content you can’t create

No matter how brilliant you may be at creating content, UGC is simply something you cannot produce. Likewise it’s equally as hard telling people to create it for you with no added benefit. Incentivising your customers and community (a prize wouldn’t go amiss) will often result in beautiful, rich content that celebrates your brand in ways you couldn’t.

2. Positive brand experience

When it comes to buying into a brand or product, personal experiences or reviews are often hugely influential in customers making their decision. There is no better endorsement than happy people talking about your brand in a positive manner. This can often lead to increased conversions and sales, making it a very important promotional marketing tool. Candid is a fantastic platform that pairs customer photos and videos to product listings, creating both an online community and inspiring browsers to buy. Clever.

3. Unique, powerful, emotional

UGC can tap into our emotions. So much of what we share online today is a visual experience or moment capturing an array of personal emotions, which can also make others feel. Again, getting people to ‘feel’ is often something, that for businesses in particular, is out of their hands – UGC can plug that gap.

4. Engagement

Content marketing and social media is all about engaging with an audience. UGC can make your customers feel part of a wider community, also showcasing care and a genuine interest in what they have to say. It’s also fun. I’m sure you all remember Three’s #DancePonyDance TV advert. This was also turned into an engaging ‘create your own pony’ UGC campaign. The result? 1.5 million ponies were created.

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Whilst you’re at it, check out or current UGC campaign for Kelling Heath – #KellingMoments


Paul Edwards.

Head of Digital