Free WiFi without the headache?

The econsultancy blog never fails to impress, and this morning’s reading has been no exception.

Today our friends at the big E have been talking all things WiFi. We have all been there – out in a public space, needing to work (or just check emails or social) and really not wanting to have to jump through hoops to access a WiFi network. Filling out lengthy online forms in order to get online is time consuming and inconvenient when you’re out and about, not least when tapping in your details on a tiny smartphone screen.

What’s the answer?

Social WiFi.

How does it work? Well, rather than form filling you simply “Like” or follow the venue’s Facebook or Twitter profile to gain access to their free WiFi network, in one easy click.

The venue gains valuable demographic info and is able to connect with its’ customers through a social space, and the consumer is able to access WiFi quickly and easily, without feeling like they have signed their life away or having to remember any passwords for next time.

So how does this relate to a venue’s overall marketing strategy? Well, providing visitors are made aware of the service, the venue will quickly start building their social media following, so the next step is to make sure they make the most of this new data. Who is visiting and when? Could they be better targeted? How could you entice them back?

Most importantly, this is social, so there are great opportunities for customer engagement and building loyalty here. Branded landing pages showing relevant and enticing offers are a great place to start.

Find the original blog post here for more information and practical tips for getting set up.


Shorthose Russell.