Inspiring young talent – work experience at SRL

We welcomed Bethan from Norwich School into the office to join us for a couple of days of work experience. With a real passion and enthusiasm for the creative industry Bethan spent the majority of her time at Shorthose in our studio team. As all Graphic Designers know, it’s important to research and inspire your work, so we asked Bethan what was inspiring her this week.

The Creative Review

Looking at the website and books of the company ‘The Creative Review’, I am inspired by their graphic designs, typography, photography, film and their advertising. One of their articles is titled ‘Poetry as a visual art’ which is a project where the Poetry Foundation in Chicago wants to discover and celebrate good poetry in front of a large audience. The Poetry Foundation designed various typographic grids of the word poetry. I really like the way the website is laid out and how the graphic illustrations and typography for each project are clear and explained well. The website also has an article about how designers were set to re design Fortnum & Mason’s packaging, their brief was ‘old school glamour meets contemporary London’, I really liked how the designers chose to design the packaging of foods to make it more modern but still sticking with the traditional themes.

Pretty Little Thing Blog/Instagram

The Instagram page of the blog ‘Pretty Little Thing’ is full of pictures of fashion, quirky places and some typographic pictures also. The Blog is more about tips, including fashion tips, beauty tips, lifestyle and music tips. The blog inspires me because of the soft typography and the colour palette of pinks and greys. The website is very eye catching to teenager’s due to the crisp and clean layout of the site.

Pretty little thing image

This Girl Can

The website ‘This Girl Can’ is a website/blog which is a celebration of active women who put themselves out there and do sports that are new to them. The advert is what grabbed my attention in the first place, the use of music and cinematography is what I liked the most. The website consists of typographic posters with a slogan. The ‘This Girl Can’ logo is also very simplistic and effective. The logo tells the viewer everything they need to know about the campaign and the use of simple geometric shapes makes it eye grabbing too, which I like.

Photographer ‘Miles Aldridge’

Miles Aldridge is a fashion photographer whose work and website greatly inspires me. I have been using him as photographer research at school and doing some shoots inspired by his work. His photographs are based around the idea of housewives and rebellion and the clothing is 1960’s orientated. The idea of the ‘perfect wife and mother’ is something he revolves his work around. His work isn’t just about fashion photography but about an idea behind the fashion also, which inspires me.


Shorthose Russell.