It’s All In The Imagery

Making Photography Work For You 

PR Tip: Brands can make a real difference to their PR and Marketing output by investing in imagery.  

When we break successful PR down into its core elements – a solid hook (the why), relevancy (the timely when and where), and imagery (documenting the what) are crucial.  

Where one shines, but the others are dull, or in some cases completely lacking, it becomes tricky for eager PR teams to score their clients their next big coverage win. A good pitch can be scuppered by lack of good imagery. No images, no dice. It’s as simple as that.  

Setting the why, when, and where aside for the moment, convincing a writer or editor to run your pitch over a dozen others they might have received in the last 60 minutes can often come down to the availability of good, strong, quality imagery.  

Submitting quality imagery with a pitch can make all the difference between it falling flat and an editor giving it that coveted second glance.  

Here are our imagery must-haves for brands (& PRs) looking to level up their visuals and secure their next coverage win: 

  • It’s not a one shot and done situation.  

You may have had a photoshoot, maybe it was even last year, but how well do those images really reflect the changing face of your location, product, or service.  

Photoshoots need to be held regularly and images delivered quickly where new products, features, or revenue streams are added.  

The timeliness of getting photos to your PR and Marketing teams is key to make a splash.  

  • Variety is the spice of life.  

It’s easy to get carried away – but having a variety of photos on hand is essential to give the press (and consumers) a unique perspective on your brand, product, or service.   

Regurgitating the same, poorly staged photos repeatedly is only going to be a turn off for any editorial or social media team. 

Having fresh, vibrant shots from a multitude of angles is key for mitigating image fatigue and ensuring originality when it comes to creating content and writing a winning pitch.  

  • It’s all in the detail.  

Wide angled shots are great – but what is the focus?  

Don’t be afraid to add close ups to your shot list. Press and consumers alike want to see the little details that make your product or service different from all the rest.  

  • Quality is key.  

It goes without saying but use a decent camera. No more wobbly smartphone shots or blurred and out-of-focus snaps.  

Hook your marketing team up with decent equipment and please, please think about lighting!  

  • Keep it natural.  

While staging shots can help bring a scene to life, it’s important these don’t come across as forced. Think creatively about getting candid shots that showcase your offering.  

  • Snap the story. 

Storytelling and PR go hand in hand. Think about framing your shots to tell a story.  

Highlight your USP’s (hooks) in a natural rather than a commercial way. There is a time and place for staged product shots, but nine times out of ten, the consumer inspiration space is not the one for it.  

Think about the type of images that get you to pick up a magazine, or double tap to like when scrolling through social media.  

Take inspiration from brands that are approaching photography through the eye of the consumer rather than with a commercial goal in mind.  

  • Seasonality. 

Stunning summery shots are amazing until your PR team are pitching in the depths of a harsh, grey winter. Make sure your images portray your product offering through the seasons and in different types of weather to really set the mood.  

Make sure summer shots are not over-exposed or feature a high degree of shadow and use warm cosy lighting to elevate otherwise drab shots in the colder months, where natural light may not be doing you any favours.  

In Summary 

Building an image bank is hard work – it takes time, dedication, and a creative eye to ensure your imagery is presenting your brand, product, or service in it’s best light.  

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Hayley Musson.