Monthly Inspiration: October 2019

Here is what is keeping our designers inspired this month.


Kappitza are a creative studio who have a passion for print, pattern, minimalism and colour.


Christmas Ad Season

With Christmas fast approaching, its time for the annual succession of inspiring ads to fill our screens. One that as particularly caught our eye is the Argos advert. How many of us wanted a drum set for christmas?

Beautiful Butterflies

This great new work from Damien Hurst is intricate and beautiful, unexpected and, like much of his work, these bold pieces really make a statement. Check out his recent exhibition at the White Cube Gallery London.

Mandalas at White Cube.


What better than to give opportunity to young and developing designers. The Russians have given industrial/Cold War sites, previously abandoned and dilapidated, to graduate architects to see what they can come up with. It’s amazing what a little bit of faith can do, when shown to those willing to learn and striving to develop.


Read more here.

Greta Grotesk

Teenage climate change activist Greta Thunberg has created her own typeface. A great example of design being used for good! In homage to her own handwriting – quite interesting and inspirational. The typeface is limited in terms of characters, but it goes to show you don’t need anything fancy or complicated to communicate and get a message across.

Read more about the inspiration behind the product on It’s Nice That.
You can download the font here.

Uber Sign Language

Another example of design for good. Teaching customers basic sign language so they can interact with hearing impaired drivers.
Simple yet very effective use of design and video to show the brands ethos of accessibility.

Try it yourself here.

Up Your own A***

This book’s a timely reminder of these end of the century heavyweights. As exciting and influential now as they were back then with their bold, irreverent style and anti-establishment ethos. For me it’s the energetic, often chaotic mix of consumerism graphics and Japanese visual culture that always brings the unexpected.

Here’s hoping this book will bring their work to a new generation of designers.
Go on buy it!

Urban Tetris

Fun reinvention of the game tetris – why not try it in your mind next time you’re out and about. Lovely illustration.

See the whole project on Behance.

A Christmas election

With the confirmation of the election this December it seemed fitting to end on something related.
Great illustration from The Spectator.


Hannah Tomlinson.

Middleweight Graphic Designer