Top three marketing tools to generate quality leads in 2017

Lead generation has been round since the beginning of time, but with the emergence of digital marketing it’s been given a whole new meaning.

In 2017, whether you’re a B2B, wedding venue, gym club, accountant or tourist attraction you can give your lead generation a targeted and effective boost using one of these simple lead generation tools.

1. Google pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
Google has around 80% of all internet search traffic so it’s essential that if you want to generate marketing leads you need to be on Google’s pay-per-click platform. Opening an account is fairly straightforward, but understanding it and making it work effectively is no easy business so make sure you know the difference between a campaign, campaign type, keyword, positive keyword and much more. However, if you get it right you can generate considerable high quality leads with low cost per leads.

2. Microsoft Bing ads
After Google, Microsoft’s Bing search engine represents the next best lead generator online. Many small and medium sized businesses don’t even think about advertising on Bing. Yet despite its smaller market share of internet searches it can prove really fruitful for a host of brands and businesses. It typically offers less competition and cheaper CPCs (cost per clicks) than Google and as it’s a Microsoft own product many windows users use it without even knowing.

3. Facebook advertising
Millions of small and medium businesses now advertise on facebook. It’s highly flexible – you can change creative ads at the touch of a button and you can also test a multiple number of ads all in one campaign. Facebook also offers advertisers the ability to carry out A/B testing. It’s also highly targeted so if you want to just advertise to Facebook users within say 20 kilometres of a city or town no problem. But one of its biggest advantages has to be the facility to use video in advertising, something which really sets it apart from the traditional Google and Bing PPC platforms.


Chris Baines.

Head of Marketing