What do consumers really expect from social brands?

So, you have your social media accounts running nicely, your content strategy in place, but what do consumers expect when they raise a complaint through social media?

The clever chaps at econsultancy have reported on a new piece of research from Axonn Media. This is what they found…

“• Consumers are demanding better customer service from brands via social media channels than ever before.

• The survey of 1,000 consumers found three quarters of people (78%) would contact a brand through social media should they have a complaint.

• Facebook was the most popular method of contact (68%), with just under a quarter (23%) using Twitter.

• Nearly all of those who had contacted a brand through social media expected a reply from the company involved (98%), with more than half (58%) expecting a response within a day.”

Our advice when it comes to tackling complaints online?

• Always acknowledge the complaint publically – if necessary you can manage the rest of the process through private messaging.

• Time is of the essence – reply to the complaint as soon as possible – nobody likes to be kept waiting.

• If you notice a theme in your complaints this could inform your content – if there are questions popping up about the same thing a ‘how to’ or ‘top tips’ piece could work wonders.


Shorthose Russell.