Inspired Designers at Shorthose Russell – August 2017 edition

Back in March I gave you a little insight into what sparks my imagination and inspires my creative juices. I thought it was about time I gave you another little taster of what is currently inspiring me.

Brand new identity for Poetry

Typography couldn’t get any more poetic! This brand new look for the Poetry Foundation magazine, Poetry, brings together a simple grid structure and some beautiful typography that works seamlessly together. If there was ever anything to get excited about as a designer this is it. To view more and learn about the thinking behind the project click here.

Poetry Magazine
Image from Creative Review

Puppies – who doesn’t love puppies!

Now I am a dog lover so this does tug at my heart strings but this campaign was actually very clever, fresh thinking and well executed. It was created by interns from BBH New York, their task was to create a buzz for Social Tees Animal Rescue and help home shelter puppies with the use of social media and live streaming. Check out the video here.

Above the fold

When it comes to website design there has always been that great debate on what is above the fold and where the fold is. With so many different devices out there these days it’s hard to define. I stumbled across this little site which just sums it up nicely and puts a little smile on your face. I’m a big believer in the saying ‘everyone scrolls’ as I know I instinctively do it and with all the different social media platforms encouraging you to scroll its becoming more natural to do so.

Wagamama is 25

This year marks Wagamam’s 25th birthday. I have always been a big fan of Wagamama’s from the way their interiors are designed to the way they work (and of course the food). The photography by Gareth Sambridge is stunning it has a real focus on the freshness of its food and a sophisticated feel, with a visual break down of what ingredients is in each dish. Read more about wagamama at 25 here

Image from Creative Review


Jessica Luongo.

Senior Graphic Designer