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A unique website for a snack that we can all feel good about

Simpleas is a healthy new snack brand made almost entirely from naturally gluten-free, nutrient-rich British pea flour. Available in three original flavours – Lightly Salted, Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar and Cheese and Herb – the brand’s pea-powered curls are high in fibre and protein, low in fat, salt and sugar and include only 88 calories per 23g bag.


To create a website showcasing the new brand and its related health benefits, and to educate and enable prospective stockists. This would primarily be B2B, with additional elements to connect the brand directly to the consumer.


As a fledgling brand, Simpleas needs are, well... simple.  They require a website that explains the wealth of benefits to consumers, while helping buyers to stock them in their stores.  As an integrated agency, we’d already worked with Simpleas to develop launch media materials, including a key message tracker, press release and Q&A. To bolster this, we developed a short animated video for use in meetings, sales pitches and on social.  

Taking these two elements, we felt a single page design would best maintain the brands simple approach. It would also be easy for users to navigate both on desktop and mobile. We wanted the designs to echo the brand’s vibrancy, so we developed a series of custom illustrations to compliment Simpleas’ existing assets.


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