Giving Big with The Holburne Museum

One Victorian lady who travelled on her own to Persia.
A collection of 85 Persian treasures earmarked for restoration and display.
And a goal to raise £50,000 via Big Give who double each donation.

This enticing brief from The Holburne Museum in Bath landed on my desk during the summer. It’s one of those gems that allows you to think about women who don’t allow convention to stop them from doing what they want, such as travelling to the Middle East in the late 1800s more or less on their own. We imagined Ellen Tanner loving all the exotic sights and sounds of the bazaars, buying beautiful objects to take home to Bath, just like any traveller today. Of course, she would have been all over Instagram. And plugging Bath to Baghdad into Google Maps directions was fun, and a first. Our task was to use this great story to turn attention on the £50,000 fundraising goal and we like to think we did our bit with this concept. The Big Give fundraising week is soon, 28 November – 5 December and we wish the team at The Holburne Museum a flood of donations!


Petra Boyce.