Driving brand awareness with influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is the most effective way to reengage and motivate consumers because it harnesses the power of authentic, meaningful content, created by consumers, for consumers. It’s trusted and valuable, rather than interruptive and contrived.

With consumers craving genuine and authentic content about you and your brand, there’s no better time to harness the most effective and powerful PR tool – word of mouth.

A buzzword for the marketing industry in 2017 has been ‘influencer marketing’ which is the practice of partnering with those who have influence online, often bloggers via their blog or social media channels to drive awareness for your brand.

Many brands know that they should be including an influencer strategy into their marketing objectives but what are the reasons why you should be doing this?

It is an opportunity to create awareness for your brand

The main business objective of any brand is to create awareness of your product to your audience. It may be to create a buzz to your existing audience or it may be to spark interest in a new market, working with an influencer is the ideal way to do this. Often called the modern journalist, bloggers have a platform to feature your brand to thousands and even millions of people in a very personable and genuine way.

Influencers are a trusted voice

According to research, 60% of YouTube subscribers would take advice on what to purchase from their favourite YouTube creator. It is the authenticity between a brand and influencer partnership which aids this decision making for their audience, that’s why you should always work with someone who naturally resonates with your brand and message.

They bring creativity and new ideas to the table

Farewell to the humble press release! Content creators are fantastic at bringing their very own ‘out of the box’ ideas to any campaign. Since influencers are working on their own platform they are free to push the creative boundaries. As a blog, YouTube channel and social media are such interactive digital spaces, unlike a product review in a magazine, there are so many different ways to bring content to life.

It is channeling this creativity which brings me to how Shorthose Russell have embarked on our own influencer journey. Most recently we have worked with Mini Travellers, one of the Top 10 Family Travel Blogs in the UK, and our client Kelling Heath.

We invited Norfolk-based Mini Traveller contributor, Alex Wing, and his young family to enjoy a stay at Kelling Heath. Kelling has most recently been awarded Dark Sky Discovery Status and is set in an Area of Outstanding Natural beauty which offers up plenty of opportunities for families to embark on holiday adventures. We tapped into this family travel market by inviting Alex and family to stay during October half-term, to show that North Norfolk can be enjoyed at any time of year!

You can read the full review of Kelling Heath over on the Mini Travellers blog, here.
Not only did Alex write a really exciting and engaging review of Kelling Heath he also created a short film of the family’s stay which we are sure would inspire anyone to enjoy an autumnal trip to Norfolk.

All images courtesy of Alex Wing and Mini Travellers

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Sophie Polak.

PR Account Manager