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We use various analytical Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques to structure your site so that it has the best chance of appearing naturally in search (both via mobile or desktop). Here's a quick overview of how we do it:

Algorithm Monitoring

There are around 500-600 algorithm changes made a year by Google alone, so keeping up to date is absolutely vital in providing our clients with the latest methods and techniques. We work fast to ensure that your website is ready for any impending changes.

Competitor & market analysis

We take time to understand your business and perform regular competitor analysis in your market to stay ahead of the competition. Knowing what others are doing is vital when looking to improve your SEO performance.

Keyword optimisation

We use data and search patterns to analyse keywords that will bring you the traffic you need. Our team are experts in structuring websites with core SEO terms and creating content based on semantically-related terms to create pages that are not only optimised but useful for your users too.

Back links

Back link analysis is crucial in identifying where your competitors are making gains. We pinpoint the links that give your competitors strength and ensure a detailed plan is in place to swiftly put you up the rankings through your own bespoke programme.

Social media & SEO

We listen to what people say about you and what they click on, like and share. This information helps us create content that your audience wants to hear about, resulting in all-important links to your site.

Experts in website builds, we offer on-page structure, content consultation and copy-writing services to maximise the search performance of your most important piece of digital real estate.

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